The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity. The previous owners needed some extra time to remove their things after the closing, so Dan and I focused on getting the grounds spruced up before Spring really takes hold. I raked the front of the house clean of leaves and trash and reclaimed the sidewalk from the asphalt overflow of the neighboring parking lot. It was a pleasant surprise to find flowers already blooming beneath the leaf litter!


Unfortunately, Little Red is located across from a city garage known as the Broadway Barns. While the Barns have a fascinating history all on their own dating back to the mid-eighteenth century, currently the city garbage trucks are stored here. It doesn’t smell bad or anything like that, but since they use our road to enter and leave the facility, the occasional buoyant plastic bag, styrofoam plate, or chip bag blows out and lands on our street. These accumulate over time and if not managed, you get this:


This is the sidewalk across from our front door. It took two full days of work and about a dozen black trash bags, but all of the trash is gone. I still need to finish exposing the sidewalk down to the fire hydrant, but the Barns don’t look half bad now. It seems like such a small thing, but completely changed the feel of this section of the street. 


Stay tuned for more pics of the interior and exterior as soon as they’re cleaned out, all well as floor plan ideas and more on the house’s history. We’ll really start digging in and begin taking down walls in the next few weeks. 

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